Invest in Istockhomes Private Equity Fund

Invest in Istockhomes Private Equity Fund

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Welcome to Istockhomes – Private Equity Fund!

As President of Istockhomes, I Brad Camp have decided after pushing many investors away for many years, to open a Private Equity Fund to push forward the vision of Istockhomes.

If you have come to this page and are wanting to invest in Istockhomes, I’ll gladly take your money and spend it on Houses, Cars, Private Yachts, Private Jets, hotels, Mansions, Businesses and other fun things.

To be serious. Yes, I’ll be investing and pushing hard to get us the best returns possible.

Note, We will not be investing in Stocks, Bonds, Crypto, Fix and Flip houses or taking a whole lot of risk.

I’m a firm believer in percentages and all I can promise you is that I will not be skimming off the top nor will anyone who works for Istockhomes. Profit earned is profit shared! it’s that simple.

I’ve spent years designing a platform and have done it on a shoestring budget and have not taken a wage.

This way you can rest assured that when you invest, what you invest, 100% of your investment will be invested and trackable. is our primary website and it is designed for most people to land on. The page is basically the hub or center of our business.

From there if you look hard you will find links to many different websites and will be able to figure out the scope of our vision but it will take time.

The second part of Istockhomes is “Assets under Management” Here we openly list the assets we have under management and also assets that we own outright.

If you have followed the links and gotten this far and are interested in investing please fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you.

Sincerely Brad Camp, Istockhomes